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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.




Saturday 4th October 2008
12:00noon till 1:00am

All talks will be about 45 minutes in duration unless other wise stated. When the time table has been sorted it will appear as a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page.


Lon Milo & Constance DuQuette
An Initiated Perspective on the Gnostic Mass (CANCELLED)

Unfortunately due to temporary health reasons Lon & Constance have had to pull out. They send their best wishes for the event and hope to speak at another Symposium in the future. We will do our best to get by without them, though they will be missed. Tickets are non-refundable but if you would like us to try and re-sell them for you, as this was you only reason for coming, we are willing to. I have left the description of the talk below for general interest.

Lon Milo DuQuette is a well known Author and the US Deputy Grand Master General of Ordo Templi Orientis (US Grand Lodge of the O.T.O. or also known as the Caliphate O.T.O.). Constance Jean DuQuette (Lon's partner) is a Priestess, Bishop, Initiator and Thelemic Homemaker. Together they have amassed extensive knowledge and are one of the highest authorities on the Gnostic Mass and its significance. They are going to be talking in and extended length talk, showing the Mass from both of their perspectives. Here is a brief introduction to wet your appetite.

Aleister Crowley's Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass serves, to bring the Thelemic community together to affirm a common creed, and provide an opportunity for all to participate in a worship service that celebrates the magical formulae of the New Aeon. It is, however, more than that - it is the ritualized celebration of a magical technique of great potential and efficacy.

However, in order for all to participate directly in the magical formulae of Mass, the ceremony must be conducted in such a manner as to be a faithful representation of that particular magical technique - and it takes only a slight shift of focus on the part of the ritual team or congregation to neutralize that formulae, and degenerate the
Mass from a ceremony of the religion of the future to one that merely exalts the spiritual formulae of the past.

Join Lon and Constance DuQuette as they examine the nature of marvellous magical operation and help explain the Mass in light of the magick - instead of trying to make you guess the magick in light of the Mass. You may be very surprised by what you hear.

This talk will complement the later Gnostic Mass performance (see below). They will be taking for about 1 and 1/2 hours in duration, including a bit for questions at the end.

We are sorry that the above talk was cancelled but perhaps next time.

Mike Magee
The 5 senses in A.M.O.O.K.O.S. and Tantrik Traditions

Mike Magee is an authority on Tantra both in the West and India itself. He is an established author and Sanskrit scholar and has translated several Tantras into English, many for the first time. He was an editor of Sothis magazine. Under the guidance of Sri Mahendranath Dadaji, he established the Arcane & Magickal Order Of the Knights Of Shambhala (A.M.O.O.K.O.S.). His website has a vast amount on Tantrik Traditions on it.

Charlotte Rodgers
Taboo & Blood Rites (A Talk with Slideshow Pictures)

Charlotte Rodgers formerly ran the Bath Omphalos which holds speaker meetings in Bath and events not unlike this one. Over the years she as amassed a collection of bizarre and sometimes shocking imagery of the macabre and sensational. She is going to share this with us for our enjoyment, whoops, I meant to shake us out of our sensibilities.

Jake Stratton-Kent
Goetic Magick

Jake Stratton-Kent was a regular from the previous Symposiums. He was both forthright and entertaining and it wouldn't be the same without him. In those days he was speaking more as one time editor of the New Equinox magazine or as at that time a spokesperson for the A.·.A.·.. Since those days he has been focussing on his own personal magickal world much more and in particular an extensive study of Goetic Magic as the ancient root of ritual magic in the West, and the system of the Grimorium Verum. This talk will prove to be to be both an enlightening and down to earth look, at an often misunderstood system of Magick.

Melissa Harrington
Thelema & The Feminine Part II

Melissa Harrington is a well known, experienced and influential Wiccan High Priestess, and ordained Priestess of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. She has been active in a number of Thelemic organisations, including at one time being secretary of Shemesh Lodge, and mistress of Levannah encampment, then the only C.O.T.O body in London. Amongst her many interests she has become known for bringing together Thelemic, Pagan and Wiccan magick in ritual work within these diverse esoteric traditions. She is interested in gendered perspectives within magickal communities, and was awarded a doctorate from Kings College London, for her research on the journey of the male initiate in Wicca. At the last Thelemic Symposium (1996) she gave a speech entitled Thelema and the Feminine, which examined Thelema in terms of the female initiate's self determination, and the place of the Feminine within Thelema, concluding that there was great mutual benefit to be found in women working with the 93 current. Twelve years later she returns to the same theme, and asks the same questions, but answers them from a very different perspective.

David Beth
Into the Meon - Inside Voudon Gnosis

David Beth is the Sovereign Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua (O.T.O.Antiqua) and La Couleuvre Noire (L.C.N.), being instrumental in shaping the current development of the Voudon Gnostic System. An Apostolic Gnostic Bishop he is the current Patriarch of the Ecclesia Gnostica Æterna and the Head of the Kosmic Gnostic Fraternitas Borealis. He is a university-educated historian, was born and raised in Africa and has also lived in the USA and Europe. His insights into the Gnosticism of the Franco-Haitian O.T.O.A. and Haitian Voudo and its take on the post-Crowley world will be invaluable.

Peter Grey
Babalon, An Evocative Glimpse

Due to Lon & Constance's talk unfortunate cancellation, we have extended this talk to full length.

Peter Grey is a devotee and the author of The Red Goddess, a controversial history of Babalon. He is the co-founder of talismanic publishers Scarlet Imprint For the Symposium he will be starting the speakers off with a shortened but no less potent talk. He will evoke Babalon by taking us through Her story from Sumeria through Dee, Crowley and Parsons and into the NOW.

The Templum Amoris Travelling Mass Circus
The Gnostic Mass

The Ordained Priest & Priestess of York of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica [Gnostic Catholic Church] and their extremely proficient and experienced team will be putting on a fully staged version of The Gnostic Mass or Liber XV. Also members of the Templum Amoris Lodge (York C.O.T.O.), they have worked hard over the years to get the Mass to those who have not had a chance to see it before and they have a Full Stage Set that is easily transported, hence their nickname as the Travelling Mass Circus. Due to their regular celebration of the Mass, their performance (and it is like a play, in that is full Ceremonial Magick) as well as being spot-on I would say has a great deal of joy in it. If you only want to see one Gnostic Mass in your lifetime, you would be doing well to choose these people.

Priestess - Katie Mullholland
Priest - Chris Kelly
Deacon - Allan Price
Children - Gaz & Niki

There is Congregation participation during the Mass for which the Deacon will lead people through and for those that want at the end, there is the Eucharist of a glass of Wine and Cake Of Light. The auditorium will be cleared prior to the Mass. The congregation will be led in and given a shortened script for congregation to follow and take part when required. At the end an orderly queue will be formed so that all those requesting Gnostic Holy Communion will be able to receive it.

During the Mass Sharon Krauss and Guests will be performing a back drop of Musick. This will be continued after as a full live performance.

Sharron Kraus & Guests

Sharron Kraus is a Goth - Folk - Psychedelic - Alternative Musician with a loyal following on both sides of the Atlantic. Here is her Myspace page with a few of her tracks on as tasters. She and her guests will first accompany the Gnostic Mass and then they will perform some of their own music live.

The O.G.D.O.S. (In)Famous Thelemic Discothèque

DJs from after Sharron's gig will take us though to the close at 1:00am. We already have a line up made up of the old crew and some newbies but if there is anyone who wants a short slot DJ-ing and has something different to offer the mix, then please get in touch.


We will be posting a downloadable PDF of the event's programme in the next few weeks here. Please book mark this page and come back soon.

Love is the law, love under will.


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