Do What Thou Wilt Unicursal Hexagram

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.




Saturday 26th September 2009
11:00am till 7:00pm

The Holywell Music Room
Holywell Street

Tickets available on the door for £20. PROGAMME and further details here.

Venue for the Social will be open from 8:00pm till 2:00am

Winchester Club
Crown Street


Yes we are back again this autumn. This year will be hosted in the City Centre of Oxford in the old Hermetic part of the original University area. We also have twice the capacity of last year so for all those who were disappointed last year, there will be more tickets available. We have a varied selection of speakers along with separate workshops in a side room during the day. The evening social will have live music and DJs till late. 

Due to the capacity this year, we have decided to not put on a Gnostic Mass as it would take too long to administer to that many people. However we will be having workshops for small groups, so there is plenty of scope for ritual practice still though for small groups, so book ritual space early on in the day. We hope to stage show case rituals like the Gnostic Mass again in future as long as we can get a suitable venue to do it such a way other things can happen at the same time. We need to grow a bit more to get venues like that so this year is a stepping stone to a greater future event with your support.

The speakers are varied as usual but are focused on the many forms of Thelemic studies:



Amodali is an experimental artist who's work has focussed within a wide variety of media on explorations of magickal sexuality.
In this talk she will present an overview on her insights and experiences during more than 20 years of work exploring the Babalon current, and suggest paradigms for working with this magick that embraces progressive future development.
Amodali has had to shorten her commitment to doing the evening performance only, due to unforeseen circumstances. 
She will be performing Liber Incarnadine still at the second venue to start the evening off (see below). Michael Staley has been extremely helpful and will be doing a talk of his instead Amodali's.

Michael Staley
TRANSMITTING THE FIRE: Imagination, Creativity & Magick

Of universal importance as the catalyst for creativity, the imagination has a central role in Magick. In this talk, Michael Staley surveys the relationships between imagination, creativity and initiation. 

Michael Staley has been a member of the Typhonian Order for more than thirty years now. He is the editor and publisher of Starfire, an occasional Thelemic journal which first appeared in 1986. The founder of Starfire Publishing, he has been for many years the publisher of Kenneth Grant. 

Rufus Harrington

Rufus Harrington was initiated into Alexandrian Wicca as a teenager, and there introduced to Enochian Magic. Entranced by all things magickal he dropped out of university to live in a witchy commune and to study the Art Magical full time. He spent three years studying in the library of the British Museum, including much poring over the original diaries of John Dee, from whence he reconstituted his true and faithful re-imagining of the work of Dee and Kelley. He has worked with this system for the last quarter of a century, and is still here, and still sane; indeed he is now a senior consultant cognitive behavioural therapist training other people in the modern art of healing via mental magic. Today Rufus will share his knowledge of the system, some of his techniques, and his experiences of living with Enochia.

Liza Lewelyn

Liza Lewelyn (Soror SD) is the Praemonstrator and founding member of the Manchester-based Isis-Hathor Lodge of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn (R) and has been a studying the works of Aleister Crowley for 25 years.

Mogg Morgan & Charlotte Rodgers
BLOOD ON THE THRESHOLD: Seth The Demonic Initiator

Mogg Morgan & Charlotte Rodgers are N.D.P.M (non-denominational practising magician) with a long standing obsession with blood rites, occulture and the cult of Seth.

John Moore

John Moore is a freelance writer and independent scholar. He studied philosophy at King’s College, University of London from 1966 to 1969. He has published several papers on Nietzsche and other figures like Crowley (an interest which goes back over 45 years), Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Schopenhauer and Wittgenstein, as well as 3 volumes of poetry.

Julian Vayne

Julian Vayne is the author of numerous articles and books, both popular and academic. After becoming High Priest of a Wiccan coven a quarter of a century ago Julian has worked within a wide range of esoteric traditions. Today most of his explorations are conducted within the Magical Pact of The Illuminates of Thanateros.

Geraldine Beskin
ALEISTER CROWLEY: The Not So Beastly Beast

Geraldine Beskin is co-owner of the legendary Atlantis Bookshop. She find endless pleasure in re-assessing the myths attached to this monster magician. Spy, Supreme Magus and self indulgent sometimes, the social courage of Crowley is still often ignored. A man of many talents, a formidable intellect and several bad habits, he still annoys, interests and charms thousands.


Jack Daw

Jack Daw’s early life is somewhat of a mystery, it is believed that he was, as a baby, found abandoned in a cave on the Lizard Peninsula and was the illegitimate son of a lady soothsayer known locally as Mad Kenwyn and an unnamed one armed shoe maker from Penzance. One of the founders of O.G.D.O.S. he has explored fully Thelema, Tantra, Voodoo & Wicca but in recent years has gone back to his roots in Traditional Cornish Witchcraft.

Chris Chibnall
PLEASURE MADE PRACTICAL: A Workshop Exploring Spare's Death Posture & Sigils

Chris Chibnall is the author of "The Book of Pleasure in Plain English", an accessible transliteration of Austin Osman Spare's classic work. A scientist by training, he is also a creative artist and qualified hypnotherapist.

Alex Bennett

Alex Bennett (Siddhanath) is a long standing member of the Thelemic Nath Tantrik community. With the assistance of Matt Evans (Panditanath) there will be a modern version of the old and now abandoned in Hinduism, Ganapati Nath Tantrik tradition's Key Ritual. This is the liberation law of Svecchachara, the Tantrik path of doing one's will.

After Party

Amodali & Sir Francis Dashwoood

Sir Francis Dashwood will perform his 'Invokation to Pan'.
Followed by the debut of Amodali's new Album and multimedia project "Liber Incarnadine' with a guest appearance from Sir Francis Dashwood.

DJs from the infamous O.G.D.O.S. Discoteque till late
A selection of irreverent songs played to please the Thelemic heart. 

Please go HERE to buy your tickets, available now.

Love is the law, love under will.

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